Esteban Lazo sends congratulatory message to the President of the Parliament of Zimbabwe

The Honorable Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, received the Ambassador of Cuba, Carmelina Ramírez, bearer of a congratulatory message from the President of the ANPP, comrade Esteban Lazo Hernandez.
During the meeting the Ambassador took the opportunity to thank Zimbabwe for its support in the recent United Nations vote against the blockade imposed by the US on Cuba, as well as to inform about the Constitutional Reform process that is taking place in the country.
The president of the legislature reiterated Zimbabwe's position to continue supporting Cuba in this fight until the end of this unjust policy. He recalled with pleasure his visit to Cuba last year and reiterated his willingness to continue working on strengthening bilateral relations between the two Parliaments and at the international level in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

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