Emotive remembrance and commitment to the legacy of Fidel in Guyana.

Guyana, November 24, 2017. - Cubans and Guyanese paid tribute of remembrance to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution on the first anniversary of his physical disappearance in the historic Umana Yana center that Fidel visited in 1973.

As part of the homage program, the ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela in Guyana, Julio César González Marchante and Reina Díaz Arratia, symbolically placed a whreath representing the Cuban flag under an image of Fidel; a minute of silence was observed and the documentary "Fidel is Fidel" by Cuban filmmaker Roberto Chile was presented.

The Ambassador Julio César González Marchante in his words highlighted the imperishable legacy left by Fidel as a revolutionary, humanist, anti-imperialist, solidarity and internationalist, with deep conviction in popular wisdom and a fighter for integration and peace. He emphasized his transcendence not only for Cubans but for all the peoples of the world.

The Prime Minister of Guyana Honorable Moses Nagamootoo present at the event expressed his emotion for the tribute and recalled his unforgettable encounters with Fidel and his participation in the funeral honors in Cuba, as well as the valuable contribution of his work to the Guyanese people and to humanity that will last forever.

There were also present at the activity Zita Nagamoottoo, the Premier's wife,; Barton Scotland, Speaker of Parliament; Joseph Harmon, Minister of State for the Presidency; other Ministers, government officials, the judiciary and parliamentarians; representatives of political forces, trade unions, solidarity associations and Cuban residents; diplomats of the Venezuelan Mission and members of the Medical and Education Brigades who provide collaboration services in Guyana.


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