Embassy of Cuba in The Netherlands Exchanges about Cuba with Students of the University of Appiled Sciences of The Hague

The Hague, 16 Ocotber 2018. First Secretary Susellys Pérez Mesa and Second Secretary José Pérez Lazo made a presentation about Cuba to a group of students, faculty and the director of the International Business Studies Programme at the University of Applied Sciences of The Hague. The presentation raised interest on general topics about the Caribbean country among the attendees, especially  about business and investment opportunities and the negative impact of the blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba on he development of Cuba and third countries, also affected due to the blockade's extraterritorial effects.

The occasion was a good opportunity to update the attendees on Cuba's current affairs, the most important topics in economic and commercial relations and the major investment projects in the  Special Development Zone of Mariel. In a cordial environment, the students and professors of various nationalities came a little closer to the Cuba of yesterday, of today and of the future, and where the decision to continue the principles, values and national sovereignty reached after 1959 was highlighted.

(Cubaminrex / EmbaCuba Países Bajos).

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