The Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands Commemorates the Second Anniversary of the Passing of the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz

The Hague, 25 Novemer 2018. The Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands commemorated the second anniversary of the passing away ofthe historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro which happened this day two years ago. In the central words of the emotional ceremony, Ambassador Soraya Álvarez Núñez underlined the validity of the legacy of the Commander and his timeless example in the struggles for the just causes of  the humankind.

Alo the occasion was a great opportunity to present a compilation of several articles on the life and idea of Commander in Chief, translated into the Dutch language and published by The Manifest newspaper, main press organ of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands  (NCPN), during 2018 and that included the speech of the Comander in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janieiro, in 1992.

The presnetation of the audio visual "Ik ben Fidel" (I am Fidel), made by Willem Velhoven, main promoter of the solidarity project Holanda Pro Cuba, was another major contribution to the diemination in the Dutch language of the legacy of our unforgettable leader in the Netherlands and on the project's Youtube chanel

The tribute of the NCPN and the solidarity friends in the Netherlands in the disemination of the ideas of Fidel was the central axis of the commemoration of this second anniversary, which gains more importance in bringing the Dutch people closer to the greatness of Fidel's work.  

The community of Cubans resideing in the Netherlands also came to remember this day. On their behalf, Cuban resident Huber Walter, who recited the poem “Canto a Fidel” (Song to Fidel), written by Ernesto "Che" Guevar in  Mexico in 1956, right before departing to Cuba in the Granma yacht.

In her words, the Head of the Cuban Mission welcomed and thanked those attending and reminded that on the same day they were gathering to remember this date, November 24, was the day of the approval, in 1992, of the Cuban resolution in the General Assembly of the United Nations on the "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba,  which has been aproved by the overwhelming majority of the international community by several years now.

The ceremony was also attended by members of the Diplomatic Corps such as the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in the Netherlands and members of the diplomatic mission of the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


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