The Embassy of Cuba in Egypt pays homage to José Martí on the 166th anniversary of his birth

The Embassy of Cuba in Egypt pays homage to José Martí

This January 28th, the Embassy of Cuba in Egypt paid tribute to the Cuban National Hero José Martí, on the 166th anniversary of his birth, with the laying of a wreath on his bust, located in the Al Horreya Park of El Cairo.

Cuban Ambassador Tania Aguiar Fernández gave an description of the diplomatic work of the Apostle and the relevance of his Latin American political thought:

Today we must be more united than ever so that our voices are heard, so often silenced by the powerful. "It is the hour of the recount, and of the united march, and we have to walk in a tight box, like silver in the roots of The Andes."

For his part, Dr. Zein El-Sheikh, Vice President of the Association of Friendship Egypt-Cuba, addressed a few words to the guests where he highlighted the constancy of Martí, his hope for a better future and his high sense of justice, his innocence and purity, even with his enemies:

I would like to pay tribute to the special and unique position of the thinker and writer José Martí towards the Arabs, although he did not visit any Arab country, he was a lover of the Arabs. This is reflected in his extensive work, which has a total of 28 volumes, and contains a great admiration and praise towards the Arabs. He says of the Arabs: "those agile and charming creatures that form the most noble and elegant people on earth." For him our greetings and great appreciation.

The Deputy Asistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Latin America, Magda Baraka, the Ambassadors of Latin America and Vietnam, the members of the boards of directors of the friendship associations Egypt-Cuba and Egypt-Latin America, officials from the embassies of Spain and Portugal and Cubans living in Egypt took part in this simple tribute that has become a tradition.

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