Embassy of Cuba in Egypt denounces in press conference the aggressive policy of blockade

At almost one week near from the voting at the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuban Embassy in Egypt held a press conference at the headquarters of this diplomatic representation ​​which showed the strengthening of the blockade, which remains intact, and the setback in the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States under the Administration of President Donald Trump.

Third Secretary, Jorge Mazón Rodríguez, presented the Cuban Report against the blockade and pointed out that, in November 1st, Cuba will submit to vote for the 26th occasion the draft resolution entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba". At the same time, he stressed that last year was an historic one, when 191 countries voted in favor of lifting the illegal blockade imposed on the Caribbean island and only two abstained, United States and Israel, without any votes against.

Also the new measures approved by the US government in order to strengthen the application of the blockade were presented in the conference as well as some concrete examples of the sanctions applied to Cuba and their extraterritorial impact in third country institutions during the last year.

For his part, Ambassador Laureano Rodríguez stressed that the approval of these new measures constitutes a step back in the process of normalization of bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba.

In the same way, the ambassador emphasized that the blockade remains to be the main obstacle to Cuba's economic development, causing the country to lose more than US $ 822 billion over the almost 60 years of this obsolete policy that violates the most elementary principles of international law and qualifies as genocide.

Following the presentation of the report, the Head of the Diplomatic Mission answered the questions from those attending the press conference on this criminal sanctions system.