The designation of Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism is rejected in Saint Lucia.

The Humanistic Solidarity Association Saint Lucia-Cuba (HSA) convey to the people and the government of Cuba the unstinting solidarity on the matter of the recent decision by the Donald Trump administration, to include the Republic of Cuba on its so-called List of States Sponsors of Terrorism. The HSA wishes to join the people and the government of Cuba, in a most categorical rejection of this unjust designation of our Caribbean sister state, Cuba. In the same manner that the HSA repudiates the unjust imposition of the hostile and undemocratic United States Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo against Cuba, which in essence constitutes an outright blockade against a sovereign Caribbean country, our Association likewise repudiates this unceasing and unprincipled hegemony by the USA in designating for itself the post of Chief of Police of the international community of nations.

In the international fight to manage and eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuba has been the world’s most active and most generous country of the international community of nations, in the deployment of medical and technical resources, all over the world, notably through its Henry Reeve Brigade. And the international community is responding enthusiastically by actively supporting the Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of its role in the management of the pandemic, and for its decades of service to humanity in the area of medical care in disaster situations internationally. These actions by the people and the government of the Republic of Cuba are not consequent with the actions of a country whose people and government would support state sponsored terrorism. The Humanistic Solidarity Association hopes that the elected President Biden, former Vice President under President Obama, will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in this regard, and achieve some level of normalization of US-Cuba relations. As an aspect of that necessary normalization of relations, the HSA also hopes that President Biden quickly revisits this absurd, dishonest and ridiculous designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.



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