Deputy Minister of the Interior of Malaysia attends reception for the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Kuala Lumpur, January 24 – The deputy of home affairs Datuk Nur Jazlan bin Tan Sri Mohamed represented the government of Malaysia at the reception to mark the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

In the speech delivered, the ambassador referred to the social economic achievements obtained by Cuba in 2017 and urged Malaysia to increase the commercial relationship with the island and to explore the business possibilities that the country offers today. She added that despite the challenges imposed by the blockade of Cuba and the aggressiveness of the new US administration, Cubans will continue united, free and sovereign, building a better future.

The minister in the prime minister's office, Dato Seri Shahidan bin Kassim, the Senate vice president, Senator Datuk Seri Abdul Halim Abd Samad, members of parliament, foreign ministry officials, businessmen, members of the diplomatic corps and of the Association of friendship with Cuba were also in attendance.

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