Declaration of the Zimbabwe-Cuba friendship association (ZICUFA) in recognition of the "Henry Reeve" Cuban International Medical Brigade

The executive committee and members of ZICUFA wish to express our recognition and support for the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize to the "Henry Reeve" Cuban International Medical Brigade. Since its creation in 2005 by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the Henry Reeve Brigade has helped humanity to face great lashes of hurricanes, floods or other natural phenomena, as well as epidemics that constitute real natural and social disasters.

In October 2014, at the risk of their lives, 256 members of the Contingent managed to save thousands of people infected by the Ebola virus in West African countries. The Brigade spent about 6 months working in those countries in response to the call of the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and the World Health Organization, to confront the virus.

At the present time when the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the world more than 35 million infected and just over 1 million deaths, 52 "Henry Reeve" Medical Brigades, demonstrating their solidarity, altruism, and disinterest in material profits have been at the forefront helping to combat this scourge that plagues humanity, from the call of 39 nations in need of support to fight against this evil that afflicts us.

ZICUFA ratifies its support for the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize to the "Henry Reeve" Brigade, and denounces the defamatory campaign against Cuban collaborators carried out by the current US administration. We also express our solidarity with the Government and people of Cuba in their fight against the genocide US blockade.


Secretary General of ZICUFA

Ernesto Ngoma

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