Declaration by the Revolutionary Government: Cuba condemns new Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its most energetic condemnation of the criminal repression by the Israeli army against the defenseless Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of at least 52 persons and leaving over 2400 wounded. This occurrence constitutes yet another serious and flagrant violation of the UN Charter and International Humanitarian Law and it is a new violation against the Palestinian people.


Cuba reiterates its rejection of the unilateral action of the government of the United States to establish their diplomatic representation in the city of Jerusalem, in open disrespect of international legality and UN resolutions, thereby intensifying tensions in the region to a greater degree.  


The Revolutionary Government once again reiterates its unrestricted support for a broad, fair and lasting solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on the basis of the creation of two states, which permits the Palestinians the right to free determination and to set up an independent and sovereign state on pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.