Declaration in rejection of the blockade of the Association of South African Doctors Graduated in Cuba from KwaZulu-Natal

Kwazulu-Natal Cuban Trained Doctors Association

I hope this communication finds you well, it has been some time since we have communicated. I wish to reiterate our commitment as an organization in ensuring our visibility and support to the Cuban People.

You may have heard about the intentions of Donald Trump, the president of the United State son the reinforcement of financial embargo against the Cuban government. This after a huge progress made by President Obama. This is a huge set back already the Cuban government and its people are feeling the results of this unfair practice.

We know that the Cuban people are resilient and have been in a similar situation before. The American government has also threatened all the other countries who vote against its decisions that they will face the same treatment if they continue to vote against them.

As an organization, we would like to state our support for the Cuban government and its people. We are 100% behind them.



Dr. NMT Gumede

Spokerperson KZN- CTDrsA

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