Declaration of the Heleno Cuban Association of Friendship of Thessaloniki

Declaration of the Heleno Cuban Association of Friendship of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki 05/12/2020
For the counterrevolutionary “movement of San Isidro”
The Greek-Cuban Association of Friendship and Solidarity of Thessaloniki denounces and condemns the recent counterrevolutionary attempt staged in Havana by a US-backed group of people.
This group of counterrevolutionaries which has close relations with anti-Cuban circles in the U.S, known by the name “Movement of San Isidro”, tried to stage a show of fake “hunger strike” in the center of Havana, aiming to raise publicity and lead to the country's destabilization.
This movement of so-called “dissidents” has been proved to maintain relations both with the Cuban mafia in Miami as well as with officials of the U.S. Embassy in Havana, while it is publicly supported by prominent anti-communists, such as the President of the US-controlled Organization of American States (OAS) and the Republican senator of Florida Marco Rubio.
The period during which the counterrevolutionary attempt was unfolded is not accidental at all.
Cuba's international recognition for her successful response towards the pandemic domestically, but also for her great internationalist work through the “Henry Reeve” medical brigade, consists a “thorn in the eye” of the American imperialists and their allies. The Covid-19 pandemic proved, beyond doubt, the superiority of the socialist central planning against the capitalist anarchy in production which is incapable to satisfy fundamental people's needs.
In a period we are witnessing the “nakedness” of the public health systems even in the most powerful capitalist countries (U.S, Britain, EU-member states), where the commercialization of health for the sake of big business groups is dominant, small Cuba can be proud for her public, free and accessible to the whole population National Health System.
The successful response of Cuba towards the Covid-19 pandemic is in sharp contrast with the tragic situation in the USA and the European countries, including Greece, where mass graves are being opened for the victims of Coronavirus. This is something the advocates of capitalist economy and the world's anti-communists can't stomach.
That's why the U.S government, with the complicity of European and Latin American bourgeois governments, intentify the aggressive policy against Cuba, by mainting the genocidal economic, financial and trade blockade and attempting to destabilize the country through staged provocative actions.
The Greek-Cuban Association of Friendship and Solidarity of Thessaloniki expresses its full solidarity to the people and the government of Cuba and pledges to highlight, in every case, the great achievements of the socialist construction in the Island of the Revolution, in spite of the Euroatlantic imperialists and their domestic mouthpieces.

Οn behalf of the ADMIN. BOARD,

Apostolis Skoufas Nikos Mottas


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