Cuba's sports cooperation with Barbados to be extended.

The acting executive director of the National Sports Council (CND) Barbados, Mona Alleyne, gave a warm welcome to Cuban coaches on their arrival in Barbados, after the signing of the contract extending the cooperation for another two years, until summer 2020. The arrival took place just before the start of the new school year, for them to be fully incorporated into the physical education classes in the primary and secondary schools of the country, as well as methodological advice in the seven disciplines established, in coordination with the federations and national clubs on the island. Cuba's ambassador, Francisco Fernández, highlighted the event that takes place during the preparations for the official visit to Havana by the Minister of Sports and Culture of Barbados, John King, while attending the International Congress Cuba-Motricity 2018, next 22-25 of October .

Cuban technicians Olegario Isaac Oliva (athletics), Eliober Montero Silveira (boxing), Jose Antonio Delgado Bandera (cycling), Mario Preval George (hockey), Reinaldo René Rodríguez (swimming), Alfredo Boza Figueredo (table tennis), José Hernández Murray and Yasser Hernández Mosqueda (volleyball), showed their satisfaction to be part of this brigade that gives continuity to the sixteen years of uninterrupted sports cooperation between both Caribbean nations.

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