Cubaminrex, April 25, 2019. - At a press conference at the headquarters of the Cuban chancellery, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, said that this morning was dawning with the news from the State Department of the update of the so-called list of sanctioned Cuban companies that number around 200, in which 5 new ones are included.

He recalled that the US national security adviser John Bolton said on April 17 that "together we can finish what started on those beaches - Playa Girón - and that the Monroe Doctrine is alive and well.  "No one should forget that the Monroe Doctrine has historically been associated with the use of force by US imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean," he said. The Cuban foreign minister pointed out that as Bolton is known, he chose as location for the announcements to Miami and to a select audience of the remnants of the old brigade, dispersed and defeated 58 years ago in Giron, called 2506. "Only that stagnant and defeated public historically could applaud his words

Rodríguez Parrilla assured that the one who heard or saw the ridiculous and macabre speech of Bolton surely remembered the memorandum of April 6, 1960 in which the then undersecretary of US State, Lester Mallory, affirms that the only means for the Cuban people to leave to support his government is "to provoke disappointment and discouragement through economic dissatisfaction and hardship", and to do this they had to put into practice quickly everything that weakened the economic life of the country, provoking hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government.

"They seem to compete,  the adviser Bolton and the secretary Pompeo. One does and the other undoes. One hurries and the other delays. They do not always coincide, curiously. More than a well-rehearsed error game, there seems to be rush and improvisation, "said the Cuban foreign minister, because almost a week after the announcements nobody knows about the regulations of those criminal measures. "The State Department, however, is busy in dozens of capitals in all latitudes of the planet in mobilizing efforts to economically attack Cuba." During his speech, the head of Cuban diplomacy reported that a declassified document from the US government instructed to their embassies in recent weeks, they express as an argument for the additional measures of economic, political and communications blockade against Cuba, the presence of military intelligence services, of Cuban intelligence officers who, according to the document, have a deep root in the Venezuelan state.

"It is a vulgar slander that I once again dismissed. Cuba does not have troops or military forces or participate in military or security operations in the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, " he said. Rodríguez Parrilla described Bolton as a pathological liar, for having unashamedly stated on April 17 that Cuba's Foreign Minister had recently acknowledged the presence of 20,000 Cuban thugs on Venezuelan territory, calling the Cuban personnel of the health composed by more than 60 percent by women. That same Memorandum of the Department of State, ensures the deployment of Cuban military forces to the border of Venezuela with Colombia to carry out provocative actions. «Lie, I invite you to present evidence.  The infamous document says that tens of thousands of Cubans living in Venezuela have penetrated the institutions and services of that country. I invite him to present evidence", the Chancellor exhorted.

He also said that the slander that most unworthy is attributed to having told Cuban doctors who go door to door distributing medicines and warning residents that if they do not vote for the government, they will be denied medical services. And the document itself says that Cubans have inserted themselves into PDVSA from where they divert oil resources to Cuba. «Mr. Bolton disguises the shameless theft of the subsidiary CITGO of the dividends of the Venezuelan oil exports and of its assets in third countries».

Rodriguez Parrilla said that the same document instructs its ambassadors to urge governments to publicly condemn Cuba's behavior and calls on them to use all economic and diplomatic instruments within their reach against our country, demanding that public statements be made in forums multilateral, that the Cuban government be directly appealed in bilateral meetings, that it work closely with the US government. To promote declarations and joint initiatives in the multilateral sphere in the OAS and in the United Nations. "And it gathers governments that offend with vulgar intervention in their internal decisions, inviting them to make known to the State Department their ideas on how they could work together to weaken the Cuban regime."

For the Cuban foreign minister, it is curious that in the Brazilian press it was published the day before Bolton's intervention, about a classified document of the foreign ministry of that country addressed to Brazilian ambassadors in various cities that, according to the same press, expresses that both governments decided to join in order to, in a coordinated way, condemn the support offered by Havana to Nicolás Maduro. According to these sources, the foreign minister believes that an international campaign on Cuba will be able to fulfill that objective.

"It is significant that he has also instructed, with the same words, to urge foreign authorities to vehemently condemn Cuba's role in prolonging the Venezuelan situation in regional or multilateral forums or even in direct talks with the Cuban government. That instruction indicates that it must be accomplished in coordination with the US Embassy. Although it clarifies in a surprising way and I quote the document "that the steps must not necessarily be joint" ».

Rodríguez Parrilla recalled that a slanderous and offensive approach for Cuban health personnel working in the most remote and poorest areas of Brazil and serving low-income families was seriously offended and the conditions for maintaining cooperation medical in that country were impeded.

He noted that a recent statement by the Cuban government rejected in the strongest terms the measures announced on April 17 and reiterates that the US government go back to the most stark lies to try to justify their actions. "He has always done it, but now he does it in a more shameless way than ever. It has accused Cuba of attacking its diplomats, of violating human rights, of being responsible for the situation that Venezuela is experiencing, of constituting a threat to the United States. and to represent the interests of intra-regional powers in our hemisphere. " He thanked the expressions of governments from different parts of the world and the voices that from the United States. they have pronounced themselves clearly in rejection of these measures, among them many Cubans who reside there. "As in the past, the policy that is now hardening is doomed to failure and to increase the isolation of the government of the United States."

For the Cuban foreign minister, the travel restrictions announced by Bolton, which adds to the already limited possibility of travel by US citizens to the banned destination of Cuba, did not take into account the opinion of the US voters, in particular the 650 thousand American citizens who visited the island in 2018 or the half a million Cubans living in that country who also visited it. "It deliberately ignores the opinion of the citizens of the US, of the most diverse and growing sectors that are interested in a respectful relationship towards normality in the links between both countries."

Restrictions on remittances to Cuban families not only hurt the interests and incomes of our people, of every family that has those ties, it also harms the freedom and the right of people in the United States. to send remittances to relatives, acquaintances or relatives in Cuba and will greatly damage the self-employed sector of the Cuban economy, the Cuban foreign minister reaffirmed.

He reiterated that the obligation to travel to a third country to obtain travelers' visas, due to the closure of consular services in Havana and to do it only to a place to obtain an immigrant visa, thereby violating the legal obligation of the US government grant not less than 20 thousand visas per year for migrants and other aspects of the current migratory agreements and the suspension of temporary multiple entry visas for Cuban women and men, the inter-family links, the rights of our citizens and residents in The USA. He reaffirmed that all measures announced punished Cuban women and Cubans, all families without exception, in Cuba and the United States. and all people of goodwill in that country, represent an incentive to irregular and insecure migration of Cuban citizens, encourage the trafficking of people, feed gangs that are engaged in human trafficking and create risk conditions that will cost lives to people who want to use those routes.


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