Cubans in Mongolia condemn the US blockade against Cuba.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. October 20, 2019. Gathered in the Cuban diplomatic mission in Ulaanbaatar, on the occasion of the celebration of National Culture Day, Cuban residents and Cuban medical collaborators working in Mongolia condemned the unjust and cruel policy of blocking against Cuba, while commemorating one of the most relevant events treasured by national history, on October 20, 1868, the intonation for the first time of the National Anthem, La Bayamesa.

Recalling this historic moment, the Cubans expressed their support for the noblest causes of our people and their undeniable battle for independence, recognizing the countless sufferings and needs caused by the unjust policy of economic, commercial and financial blockade of the States United against our country for six decades.

The event began with the intonation of the glorious notes of our National Anthem which will continue to be forever the anthem of combat and resistance of many generations of worthy Cubans who remember their history and fight for a better world wherever they find. (EmbaCuba Mongolia)

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