Cuban Wrestling expert teaches course in Barbados.

Professor Julio Mendieta, head of Cuban wrestling coaches, was invited by the World Union of Wrestling (UWW) to provide an international course in Barbados, from 28 August to 4 September 2018, which benefited the Caribbean coaches. At the opening ceremony, the Executive Director of the National Sports Council (CND), Mona Alleyne highlighted Cuban cooperation in the subregion, while the President of the Barbadian Wrestling Federation, Rollins Alleyne, said this opportunity will lead to a new stage in the incipient development of this discipline in his country.

Cuban Ambassador Francisco Fernández received a plaque from the Federation as a symbol of Cuba's solidarity vocation to contribute to the sports development of Caribbean nations. In his words of gratitude he highlighted the immense human capital developed by the Cuban Revolution, which guided by the example of its historical leader Fidel Castro, has been able to honor the commitment with its developing sister nations “to share what we have, which is the premise of our internationalism and our socialist system”.

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