Cuban Swedish solidarity association's message for May 1st

From the Swedish-Cuban Association


To: Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, ICAP

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Sweden

Dear Solidarity Friends,

the First of May 2020.-We send you our warmest comradely greetings this First of May 2020. Around the world we celebrate it in a different way, adapted to our ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We live in a world where the use of digital communications is spreading, and here in Sweden we are expanding our use of it in the pandemic situation. We follow closely Granma and other Cuban digital media and the loving efforts of your health professionals in your struggle against the pandemic. Not only at home in Cuba, but also your international brigades fill us with pride, as we have the honour of being your friends. On our web-site and on social media we spread much information about your international medical brigades, and about your experienced specialists that give vital assistance to all those countries who have requested it.

Here in Sweden we are now distributing our latest edition of our Magazine Cuba which has much information about your medical brigades. We explain how Cuba shares what it has. Cuba keeps to its principles. The criminal US blockade cannot change that! In Sweden we are taking more steps against the blockade. We are urging our parliamentarians and Government to firmly request that the US Government must lift its blockade against Cuba, at least now during the pandemic, so as not to impede delivery of medicines, medical equipment and food to Cuba. We are joining in on the British Cuba Solidarity Campaign petition, which already has signatures from 126 countries demanding action by politicians to get the US Government to end the blockade. We want to support collective efforts. We are accelerating our fundraising for medical equipment such as ventilators, personal protection materials and medicines needed by Cuba in the pandemic. This we do as a member organization of mediCuba-Europa. The solidarity response of people is very encouraging. We enclose a couple of digital flyers we are using.

We are all aware that something is very wrong in the leadership of the USA. The terror act last night against the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Capital of the USA, was done using a weapon of war, an AK47 assault rifle that fired its magazine of 30 rounds of ammunition into the Embassy. It is pure luck that no one was injured or killed. The USA is a country with the most extensive and high-tech equipped security services one can imagine and it did not prevent this attack,

The rhetoric of the US president has repeatedly kindled the fire of hate and violence and encourages impunity to atrocities. It is the US President's and his government's responsibility to do all that is needed to protect diplomatic missions accredited to the USA. We haven't yet seen any declaration by the US president apologizing for not having given the protection needed. If he had any shreds of statesmanship in him, they are clearly lacking now. Indeed, he and his administration despicably slander and tell lies about Cuba. At this moment they target Cuba's heroic medical brigades. These brigades win respect, admiration and love around the world. They show that another world is possible. The lies, hate and egoism of Trump and his accomplices has no future in mankind. The peoples of the world long for peace, solidarity, social justice and friendship between the peoples.

This is our message to Cuba, the First of May 2020. 

The Swedish-Cuban Association

Zoltan Tiroler, President  

Martin Österlin, International Secretary   

RSS Minrex