Cuban Scholarships to Jamaica Award Ceremony celebrated.

Kingston, May 25th, 2017. In a heartfelt ceremony celebrated at the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica, 9 scholarships were awarded by the Government of Cuba to Jamaican students. During the event, presided over by Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernandez and, on the Jamaican side, by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and the Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, Ambassador Marcia Gilbert-Roberts and Rudyard Spencer, respectively, the young awardees signed the Code of Ethics. 
The act was opportunity to offer a presentation summarizing the history of Cuba´s collaboration during more than 50 years, its current situation and the cooperation with Jamaica. It was stressed the role played in this regard by the Historical Leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, and it was also offered examples of assistance of different types our country has provided to more than 186 countries, citing that more than 1 500 million patients have been attended, 6,5 million lives saved, among other data demonstrating the extraordinary effort carried out by the Greater of the Antilles.
Likewise, it was cited the most significant moments of the collaboration, such as the response by Cuba to natural disasters occurred in Chile, Peru, Honduras, Pakistan, Haiti and USA, among others. It was also explained the results of Operación Milagro, the Cuban method “Yo sí puedo”, the role of Henry Reeve Brigade as well as the number of foreign graduates in Cuba: 73 548. 
During his remarks, Cuban Ambassador conveyed congratulations to the benefited students and their relatives participating at the ceremony. He stated that the Cuban international cooperation is an essential component of the foreign policy of the Revolution based on the values of solidary and humanism we defend. It was carried out, explained the Ambassador, unconditionally, with unrestricted respect to sovereignty, national laws, culture, religion, self-determination of the States and the non-interference in their internal affairs. The diplomat also highlighted the important role played by the Cuban collaborators brigade in Jamaica with 173 health professionals and 51 teachers teaching Spanish and other subjects in this language. 
Furthermore, the Permanent Secretary at the Chancery, while addressing the ceremony, on behalf of her Government, praised Cuba´s collaboration in this nation, including the scholarships offered each year to Jamaican youth to study freely in Cuba. 
The event was also attended by the Speaker of the Parliament, Hon. Pearnel Charles, other senior officials of the Jamaican Government, members of the Solidarity Movement, Cuban residents, Jamaicans who have graduated in Cuba, collaborators, the media, etc. 
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