Cuban residents in Canada hold 13th National Meeting.

Ottawa, May 19, 2020. - This afternoon, Tuesday, May 19, the 13th National Meeting of Cuban Residents in Canada took place, organized virtually by the associations "Somos Cuba" of Montreal, "Community of Cubans in Canada" of Montreal, "Cubans Residing in Ottawa - Gatineau" and "Juan Gualberto Gomez" of Toronto.

During the event, which gives continuity to the one held in the city of Toronto on May 17, 2019, and coincides this time with the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the fall in combat of the National Hero José Martí, the participants ratified their commitment to Martí's ideology by reaffirming their support from abroad for the causes of our people and the defense of Cuba's sovereignty.

On behalf of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Canada, Ambassador Josefina Vidal sent a message of gratitude to Cubans living in this country, for their concern and care for the Homeland and the people, at a time of great challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but in whose confrontation, encouraging results are being achieved, due to the strengths of the Cuban health system and science. She thanked all Cubans who have spoken out against the US blockade, through their own initiatives aimed at raising awareness among Canadian policymakers of its worsening and growing negative impact on Cuba's efforts to combat the disease. She also recognized the compatriots who have joined various campaigns promoted by the solidarity movement in Canada against the blockade and in support of the battle that our country is waging against the pandemic within the national territory and in response to requests for collaboration from other nations. She reiterated that the current situation, which represents an enormous challenge for all of humanity, requires unity, solidarity and cooperation, not blockades.

In their speeches, the meeting attendees expressed their support and solidarity with the Cuban people and committed themselves to strengthen the struggle in defense of the preservation of the country's sovereignty and independence.

They also condemned the blockade and the hostile policy of the United States government, repudiated the terrorist act perpetrated against the Cuban Embassy in Washington, rejected the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that do not collaborate in the fight against terrorism and demanded the immediate and unconditional return of the territory illegally occupied by the United States in Guantánamo.

In addition, they extended congratulations to the health professionals facing the COVID-19 pandemic on the island and to the Cuban medical brigades that are bringing health and solidarity to other nations.

On the other hand, they agreed to increase the use of the digital platform of the Associations of Cuban Residents in Canada, as a space to expand the presence in social networks and build new links with organizations of Cubans in other countries that defend the Cuban Revolution and oppose the blockade. They also highlighted that they will continue to support the work of solidarity organizations with Cuba in Canada.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of a final Declaration and the decision to hold the 14th National Meeting of Cuban Residents in Canada, in May 2021, in the city of Ottawa.

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