Cuban President Voiced Solidarity with Peru for Disasters

Lima, March 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz offered his counterpart Pedro Pablo Kuczynski his heartfelt condolences for the human and material damages.

'I am acquainted with the human and material damages caused by the pouring rains hitting Peru. Please, accept our heartfelt condolences, which I extend to the Peruvian people and victims´ families, ' Cuban President Raul Castro stated.

The Cuban Embassy to Peru, on the other hand, informed the Peruvian Foreign Ministry that 'it is at the fully and permanent disposition of the Government of the Republic of Peru in order to immediately assist and process any assistance request' in view of the disasters caused by the pouring rains.

Cuba has historically acceded to the aid requirements to Peru as the 1970 earthquake and 2007 Pisco quake, in which Cuba has sent medical brigades and other means of health aids.