Cuban music band “Afro Cuban All Stars” performs in the Australian capital

The renowned Cuban music band “Afro Cuban All Stars” is on tour for the second time in Australia’s main cities after its successful debut in the country eight years ago. Its presentation took place on March 27 in Canberra.

Directed by the legendary producer and musician Juan de Marcos González, and integrated by a generation of young and talented Cuban musicians, this group continues to captivate the foreign audience for its exquisite interpretation and mix of the native rhythms of Cuba like chachachá, timba, guajira, danzón and rumba.

The members of the Cuban Embassy attended the presentation and exchanged with the musicians after the show thanking them for their masterful representation of the values ​​of Cuban culture.

The Afro Cuban All Stars tour in the Australian land will conclude this Saturday, March 30, in the city of Sydney.


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