Cuban medical cooperation begins in Kenya.

Nairobi, June 8. In the last hours of the night of June 7, the director of Medical Services of Kenya, Jackson Kioko, received at the Nairobi International Airport the second batch of the Cuban Medical Brigade, composed by 47 specialists, who will work in public hospitals of this African country, under an agreement between both Ministries of Health.

Previously, on 5th of June, 48 Cuban doctors had arrived, who were received by the Administrative Secretary of the Health Cabinet, Rashid Aman and the Governor of Kisumu County, Anyang Nyong'o, who warmly welcomed the health professionals from Cuba. The Cuban ambassador, Ernesto Gómez Díaz, was present at both reception ceremonies.

Next week, the arrival of another 5 doctors from the Caribbean Island is expected, to complete the agreed figure of 100 Cuban medical specialists. This historical fact has had a wide impact in all the media of Kenya and has generated a great expectation in the population, which suffers from the shortage of professionals in various branches of medicine.

The presence of Cuban health workers marks a milestone in bilateral relations, since for the first time in history, Cuban doctors will be able to offer their services in this East African nation, becoming the 65th country in the world that today counts with Cuban medical cooperation.

This important step in the consolidation of bilateral relations is a concrete result of the visit made to Cuba by the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, in March of this year and the participation of the Minister of Health, Sicily K. Kariuki in the Convention International and Commercial Health Fair "Cuba Salud 2018", recently held in Havana.

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