Cuban Medical Brigade "Henry Reeve" receive recognition from Kuwait Labor

Kuwait, July 1: The Cuban Medical Brigade "Henry Reeve" received a recognition from the Federation of Trade Unions of Kuwait, for their selfless work in confronting patients with coronavirus on the front line.

The President of that entity had words of praise for the work of Cuban collaborators, and recalled the excellent relations between the two countries. He said that Cuba is a benchmark worldwide for its social and welfare policies in favor of its people.

Mr. José Luis Noriega Sánchez thanked Mr. Ahmed Al-Enezi, President of the  General Union of Kuwait for his words, and ratified Cuba's willingness to work to strengthen bilateral relations. He said that the Covid-19 pandemic could only be overcome through solidarity and international collaboration, an example of which was the presence in Kuwait of the Cuban medical brigade.

Speaking at his time, the head of the medical brigade, Dr. Rody Cervantes, thanked in behalf  of the medical mission for the kind reception they received, and recognized the efforts that the Kuwaiti government dedicates to confront and defeat the pandemic. He noted that they could count on the full support of Cuban medical personnel.


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