Cuban health brigade reiterates its commitment to collaborate with the Dominican people.

Cuban health brigade reiterates its commitment to collaborate with the Dominican people.

Roseau, December 22, 2019. At a meeting held by the Cuban Brigade of Health Collaborators in Dominica, which was attended by the Ambassador of Cuba in that country, Ulises Arranz Fernández and the Chief of the Brigade, Dra. Isolina López; the Dr. Ricardo Fleita Anaya, specialist in oncology, read a Declaration that condemns the campaign of defamation abroad against the work carried out by Cuban collaborators and reaffirmation of their willingness to continue their noble work.

The text of Declaration expresses:

The members of the Brigade of Health Collaborators in Dominica on the eve of celebrating one more anniversary of our glorious and always triumphant Cuban Revolution, we express our pride in being part of the contingent of Cuban collaborators who provide their services anywhere in the world preventing diseases, attending to patients and saving lives.

There will be no media campaign capable of curbing and tarnishing the noble task we do. The people who have received our services know very well that our only objective is to guarantee their health and provide quality medical care. The rulers of those nations that represent the true interests of their peoples have always recognized our work.

For us there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the happy face of a child, a mother, an elderly person or any Dominican patient when we perform a complex operation that saves his life, or recovers from an illness, or receives the attention of our nurses, or an accurate diagnosis is made that allows to follow a course of correct action, or when a team is repaired to make those diagnoses.

To the people of Dominica, we will always be grateful for the samples of affection received. That is our greatest fortune. We also reiterate our gratitude to the Government of Dominica for giving us the opportunity to provide our services to this noble people.

There are those who abroad insist on trying to attack our noble performance. To these we say that we will never stop fulfilling our duty and that we will be where necessary, the time that is necessary and in the conditions that are necessary.

Cuban Brigade of Health Collaborators in Dominica


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