Cuban foreign minister rejects US accusations on terrorism

Havana, Jun 25, 2020.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the United States' accusations to the Caribbean nation regarding terrorism as paradoxical and hypocritical.

On his Twitter account, the head of Cuban diplomacy assured on Wednesday that Washington insists on trying to single out the island in that issue.

The United States practices State terrorism with a shameful trajectory, from which Cuba has been a victim, the foreign minister said.

Cuban Ambassador to the United States Jose Ramon Cabañas also questioned on Wednesday the double standards of the US government regarding international crimes about which it generally keeps complicit silence.

When US and Cuban authorities do not talk about human trafficking, narcotics, smuggling of foreign citizens, terrorism and other international crimes, traffickers and criminals, they praise it, the ambassador posted on Twitter.

All these crimes are condemned and fought by the Caribbean island. Cuban authorities have expressed zero-tolerance policy for human trafficking, which makes this nation perform exemplary in preventing and fighting the scourge.

The US accusations against Cuba about an alleged participation in drug trafficking, which President Miguel Diaz-Canel considered a pretext for more attacks, also joined.

(Cubaminrex-Prensa Latina)

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