Cuban doctors to play a critical role in Universal Health Coverage goal

Nairobi, KENYA May 5, 2018 The first batch of Cuban doctors arrived in the country today and were received by Health Chief Administrative Secretary(CAS) Dr. Rashid Aman with  Kisumu  Governor and Deputy chairperson of the Council of Governor’s committee on health, Professor Anyang Nyong’o .

The CAS said that the doctors will offer services at primary health facilities and will play a critical role towards the Universal Health Coverage agenda. He noted that Kenyan stands to benefit from the expertise of the doctors given that they come from a country with the best health system in the world. He said that the doctors will also strengthen the capacity of Kenyan doctors through knowledge transfer.

Dr. Aman informed that 50 Kenyan doctors will also be taken for courses in family health in Cuba. Professor Nyong’o lauded the Government’s move to bring in Cuban doctors saying the partnership between the two governments will be beneficial in terms of human resource and techniques.

Ministry of Health of Kenya

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