Cuban diplomats accompany the Minister of Culture at the inauguration of the Arts and Crafts Festival as part of the Celebration of the Day of Independence in Barbados.

As part of the celebrations for the independence day in Barbados, the diplomats from Cuba and Venezuela participated accompanying the Minister of Culture in the inauguration of the Handicrafts Fair in Pelícan Village, an installation of small shops at the entrance to the city from the cruise ship dock.
In the photo the Honorable Minister of Culture, MP John King, the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Ambassador Álvaro Sánchez Cordero, the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, the Caribbean Elder Dr. Robert "Bobby" Clarke, the Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration and President of the Barbadian Solidarity Movement with Cuba and Venezuela, David Denny, and the President of the Coalition of Pan-Africanist Organizations and host, on behalf of the Pelican Village Merchants Association, Wayne Onkphra Wells. The photo was taken while visiting the exhibit at Bajan Arts Form Crafts.

The Cuban Consul is shown with a Barbadian artist and a tipical barbadian Green Monkey.


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