Cuban Culture Day celebration in Wellington

Wellington, October 20, 2018.- Coordinated by the Latin Club and the Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand, the "Cuban Night" took place in Wellington, to celebrate the Cuban Culture Day and as part of the activities carried out in the city for the Spanish Language and Culture Week.

Main attraction was a presentation by the Cuban Ambassador, Mario Alzugaray, who exchange with participants on the Cuban culture, traditions and history, with special emphasis on the Cuban Rum history, one of the essential elements that are part of the Cuban nationality.

This event was also an opportunity for enjoying Cuban mojitos, as well as the Cuban musical and dance rhythms, led by the Cuban artist Rafael Ferrer Noel, who taught to the audience how to dance salsa, a rhythm well known by the Wellington community.

Club Latino of Wellington is an association established in 1963, which aims to promote knowledge of the Spanish language and the Hispanic and Latin American cultures, in addition to promoting diversity and strengthen ties with these peoples. (Embacuba NZ)

Comunidad cubana
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