Cuban Ambassador visits University of Tehran

Tehran, November 5, 2018. In recognition of Cuba's resistance against imperialism and as a tribute to the most recent defeat by our people to the US government in the General Assembly of the United Nations, the solidarity organization HOLA and the Independent Islamic Students Association of the University of Tehran, invited the Ambassador of Cuba, Alexis Bandrich, to address a a lecture on the keys of the resistance of the Cuban Revolution.

In oppinion of the Cuban diplomat, the perennial work to not forget our history, the development of human resources, the unity of the people, the defense of our identity and national culture as well as the luck of having had the exceptional guidance of Fidel,  are some of the pillars that have consolidated and sustain the Cuban revolutionary project. The student leaders presented Ambassador Bandrich Vega, the symbol of their association, with a closed fist that reads: Always against imperialism! and he donated them with  an audiovisual material with anecdotes about the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and crafts of the figure of Che Guevara.