Cuban Ambassador visits the regions of Astara and Lankaran

Cuba Azerbaijan

The Cuban ambassador in Azerbaijan, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, made a working visit to the regions of Astara and Lankaran where he learned about the social and industrial development achieved in the area and the splendor of its culture and gastronomy.

The diplomat began his visit to the province of Astara where he observed the tourist and cultural development of this city bordering Iran.

In Lankaran the ambassador toured a citrus farm in the district of Hirkan and tea plantations.

He also visited the Haydar Aliyev Memorial Park and the Lankaran Ethnographic Museum.

Nieves Portuondo also appreciated the local art on the Boulevard de Lankaran and observed the excellent conditions of its Olympic Sports Complex.

During the extensive tour of southern Azerbaijan, the ambassador appreciated the magnificent architecture, elegance of cultural and artistic objects of these regions.

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