Cuban Ambassador visits the headquarters of the newspaper Gambia Daily

On the afternoon of July 3, 2018, the Cuban Ambassador in the Gambia, Lázaro Herrera Martínez, paid a visit to the headquarters of the newspaper Gambia Daily, during which he had a pleasant meeting with Mrs. Aisha Davies Ann, Director of the newspaper.

The Cuban diplomat took this opportunity to thank the official newspaper of the government of that African country for the role it plays in the objective disclosure of the reality of Cuba and the achievements of the Revolution. Likewise, Mrs. Davies highlighted the good relations between the Embassy and the Gambian press and reaffirmed the interest to continue exchanging, in order to strengthen the working links.

Mr. Jallow Muhtarr, Deputy Director of the Gambia Daily and Pa Ousman, Chief Editor, also participated in the meeting. On the Cuban side, the ambassador was accompanied by the officer of the Sub-Saharan Africa Directorate of MINREX, Alisbel Hechavarría Isaac.