Cuban Ambassador to Kenya gave lecture at Laikipia University.

Nairobi, May 27. The Ambassador of Cuba in Kenya, Ernesto Gómez Díaz, gave a lecture on the foreign policy of his country in Laikipia University yesterday afternoon, attended by the management of the center of higher studies and by more than 200 students of different careers.

During his presentation, the Cuban diplomat paid tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, architect and principal promoter of revolutionary diplomacy and detailed the principles and values ​​that underpin it.

In another moment of his lecture, Gómez Díaz referred to the intense international cooperation deployed by Cuba since the early years of the Revolution and offered an update on his country's historical relations with Africa.

The exchange was the favorable framework to explain the negative effects that the blockade imposed by the United States continues to provoke the Cuban people.

The University of Laikipia was inaugurated in 2013 and currently has an enrollment of about 10 thousand students.

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