Cuban Ambassador gives virtual conference at the University of Ottawa.

Ottawa, October 2, 2020.- On this Thursday afternoon, the Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal, gave a virtual conference to students in the course “Politics in Latin America”, at the University of Ottawa.

During her speech, the Ambassador referred to the achievements and challenges of the Cuban Revolution, delved into the process of popular debate and approval of the new Constitution and its progressive content in the social field, particularly the recognition and enjoyment of the rights to health and education of women, children, youth and the elderly, among others, as well as the changes introduced in the structure of the State and Government and the reflection in our Fundamental Law of the economic transformations that are taking place in the country.

The Ambassador also addressed the challenges that Cuba and its economy are facing nowadays, due to the combined negative effects of the COVID 19 pandemic and the tightening of the US blockade against the Cuban people. She deepened in the extraterritorial scope of the blockade and exemplified the impact this has had on Canadian companies who have relationships with Cuba and even to the functioning of the diplomatic Mission and Cuban consulates in Canada.

She also highlighted the strengths of the health system, science and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in our country, which have allowed us to face the current pandemic in better conditions and with better results than many nations in the world. She made special mention of the development of several medicines and of a vaccine candidate of our own against COVID 19 –Soberana 01–, as well as to the commendable and recognized work of the Henry Reeve Brigade in the fight against this pandemic in 39 countries.

Embassy of Cuba in Canada


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