Cuban Ambassador explains the impact and scope of the United States blockade at a conference offered at the University of Canterbury.

Christchurch, July 15th 2019. Cuban Ambassador, Mario Alzugaray, gave a lecture at the University of Canterbury, in which he addressed, among other topics, Cuba's vision regarding the situation in Latin America, the aggressive escalation of the US government towards the Island and other issues on the international agenda.

The Cuban diplomat explained the current state of relations between Cuba and the United States, with special emphasis on the resurgence of the economic, financial and commercial blockade against our country, detailing the impact and scope of the embarco and the latest measures adopted by the Trump administration , including the application of Title III of the Helms Burton Act.

In this regard, the Cuban diplomat detailed the extraterritorial nature and the effects caused by the application of the aforementioned Title III, which allows US nationals to present legal actions in courts of that country against persons and entities, including third countries, for nationalized properties after the triumph of the Revolution. He also reiterated the position of rejection and condemnation of our country to this decision, as well as the hostile policy and the intensification in the economic war of the United States against Cuba.

The conference was organized by Professor Jeremy Moses of the University of Canterbury, who recently visited our embassy with a group of young Kiwis who are studying in the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations. (Embacuba NZ).

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