Cuban Ambassador exchanges with Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey.

Karz-Erzurum, Turkey, March 4, 2019. The Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey, Mustafa Varank, held a lively meeting with the Cuban ambassador, Luis Alberto Amorós Núñez, in the province of Kars, during an event organized by the Ministry of the branch.

In the exchange, the Turkish minister highlighted the affection felt by the Turkish people towards Cuba and the possibilities of expanding bilateral cooperation. For his part, the Cuban representative thanked the Minister for the invitation and agreed on the potential for greater cooperation.In the course of the event, which was held in its final stage in the province of Erzurum, the diplomat pointed out to other managers of the sector the possibilities for scientific and technological collaboration in areas such as health and biotechnology.

Amorós also held meetings with the governor and the metropolitan mayor of Erzurun, Okay Memis and Aziz Kocaoglu, respectively, who also discussed the Turkish sympathy towards Cuba. The Antillean ambassador took the opportunity to highlight the tourist development of the country, whose characteristics contrast with the renowned winter tourism of Erzurum. The varied sustained exchanges demonstrated the possibilities of cooperation in specific areas of economic interest of both countries. (EmbaCuba Turquía). 

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