Cuban Ambassador to Canada Presents New Cuban Constitution at Canada´s Senate

Ottawa, April 9, 2019- In a meeting organized at the Senate of Canada by the Honourable Senator Pierrette Ringuette, Co-Chair of the Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, Cuban Ambassador to Canada H.E. Josefina Vidal Ferreiro made a presentation on the newly approved Cuban Constitution.

Ambassador Vidal referred to the process of popular consultation on the new drafted constitution, which took place from August to November, 2018, and to the Constitutional Referendum held on February 24, 2019, that approved the Cuban Carta Magna. Voter turnout was 90.15 %, and 86.85 % of the voters who cast their ballots voted in favor.

The Cuban diplomat talked about the issues that had spawned public debate during the popular consultation, the broadening of duties and rights enshrined in the new Constitution, the main changes in the State´s structure, and the intensive legislative actions to be undertaken in the country in the near future.

Ambassador Vidal informed that the National People´s Power Assembly will sit in an extraordinary session on April 10 to proclaim the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

The meeting was attended by senators Ghislain Maltais, Pierre Dalphond and Percy E. Downe, Member of Parliament Raj Saini, as well as by some MP assistants. 

The Cuban Embassy was also represented by Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Giuvel Orozco; Minister Counsellor Mr. José Anselmo López, and Third Secretaries Mrs. Areadna Quintana and Mr. David Aldama.

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