Cuban Ambassador and Board of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan examine links between the two nations

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The ambassador of Cuba in Azerbaijan, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, valued with the president of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, Gulnisa ​​Masimova, the solidarity of his nation with Cuba and other Latin American countries.

Masimova thanked the information on the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government, which states that the aggression against Venezuela must stop and condemns the attempt to impose, through a coup d'état, a puppet government at the service of the USA in that Caribbean nation.

The maximum leader of the Party reiterated its solidarity with the region and recognized the role of the Cuban Revolution in the struggle for the rights of the oppressed of the world.

The head of the Cuban mission also explained Cuba's steps in updating the economic model and the referendum process to approve a new Constitution in the country.

Similarly, the Cuban diplomat reported on the resurgence of the economic, political and financial blockade of the United States to Cuba and thanked the Azeri people for their solidarity on that issue.

The Cuban Ambassador ratified the will of the Cuban people to develop collaborative relations with political parties in the world on the principle of mutual respect.

During the meeting, both sides highlighted the friendship that unites the two nations and valued the mechanisms to strengthen those ties.

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