Cuba satisfied of results in Abu Dhabi Special Olympics Games

Eleven medals in Special Olympics

The delegation of Cuba to the World Games of the Special Olympics, which ended today, satisfied part of this Emirati capital for having done the homework with 11 medals and receiving recognitions from hosts and other participants.


The 11 medals won by the Cuban delegation at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi are proof of the spirit of human solidarity inspired by the Revolution.

For the first time, the event was hosted by a nation from the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, and there, among more than 7,000 athletes from 190 nations competing in 24 disciplines, the Antillean representation, composed of only eight young people, left record that the human being is the essential thing in this Island.

If the three gold medals, five silver medals and three bronze medals won by Cuba attest to a relevant performance and efficiency in the results, beyond the laurels it is of paramount importance what their self-esteem will mean for these special needs boys. High the name of your country in an event that bets for inclusion.

It corresponded to the weightlifter Yaritza Parrado (VCL) to open the triumphal path with her two golden awards and the same amount of silver. In the future, more medals came, the closing of the event yesterday by the hand of length jumper Irina Lopez (GRA), with his "jump" of 4.40 meters, followed by runner-up Mandy Mojena, who exceeded the goal of the 800 meters in 2: 04.05 minutes.

Others who contributed to the outstanding performance were Yuly Esther Ortega (ART) and Roberto Fernández (MAY) in athletics; the swimmers Yurisnel Rojas and Katiuska Patiño, both from Las Tunas, and the weightlifter Yoandy Beltrán (SSP).

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