Cuba receives the annual award from the Society of Surgery of Ethiopia


(Addis Ababa. October 3rd,, 2019) The Ethiopian Surgery Society, in its 24th Annual Assembly that started today in Addis Ababa, granted Cuba the prize of the year, for its contribution to the development of the surgery service and the training of health professionals in Ethiopia.

In a moving ceremony, the President of the Society Dr. Dereje Gulilat referred to the immense contribution of Cuban medical collaboration around the world, which has not only brought assistance to people in numerous parts of the planet but has provided free scholarships to students from various countries, including Ethiopia.

In his presentation of the award, he recognized the numerous Cuban doctors and paramedics who have served in different regions of Ethiopia during the more than 40 years of relations between our countries. He also emphasized that Cuban surgeons were the first of that specialty in some regions of his country. Dr.  Gulilat furthermore highlighted the contribution of Cuba to the opening of the medical school in the Jimma region.

The President of the Surgical Society of Ethiopia referred to the more than 4000 young Ethiopians who have benefited from scholarships granted by Cuba in different spheres, a significant number of them in medical specialties and more than 50 of which, are today surgeons serving in the country. They were, he said, the initial task force for the development of surgery in Ethiopia.

Upon receiving the award, the Ambassador of Cuba in Ethiopia, Vilma Thomas, thanked the recognition on behalf of the people, the government of Cuba and the hundreds of Cuban professions that have been and are still linked to the cooperation between Cuba and Ethiopia, in the field of health.

The Cuban diplomat also expressed the deep pride in representing a country whose professionals have brought health and knowledge to many places on the planet, without expecting any material gain, but with the conviction of contributing to create a better world, which is not only possible, but necessary.

Dr. Zewude Dereje, an Ethiopian surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Santiago de Cuba in 1986, was also recognized in the category of individual awards of the year.


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