Cuba reaffirms commitment to integration in CELAC-China Forum

This September 23th at the II Ministerial Meeting of the Community Forum of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) -China held in Santiago de Chile, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla, in his speech, stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen ties of cooperation and friendship within the framework of the CELAC-China Forum, based on the opportunities it offers to take on the challenges of a complex global scenario.

At the meeting three documents were approved which layout the destinations of the cooperation of the regional bloc and the Asian giant from 2019 to 2021. A Plan of Action approved by foreign ministers and deputy ministers of CELAC that puts forth various approaches and strategies to strengthen cooperation ties. Also approved was the Declaration of Santiago of a political nature and with agreed upon principles, which points out specific aspects that include investments, advice and recognition of the Chinese initiative of The Strip and the Silk Road.

Currently Latin America and the Caribbean are the second destination of Chinese investments, after Asia, while the Asian country has established itself as the second commercial partner of the region. China promised to turn fully to Latin America and the Caribbean and Foreign Minister Wang announced that his country will facilitate the visit of 600 Latin American political actors, as well as provide 6,000 scholarships to increase the multilateral approach.

The CELAC-China Forum is an established mechanism to promote cooperation between these geographically distant territories and had its first Ministerial Meeting in Beijing in January 2015, which resulted in the Beijing Declaration, which is summarized the political consensus among the different nations and indicate the bases for cooperation on principles of mutual benefit, equality and respect.

With information from Cubadebate and ACN (Cuban Associated Press)