Cuba presents results of its police and scientific investigation on the physical symptoms reported by US and Canadian diplomats

Havana, March 14th  Carlos Fernández de Cossío, Director General of the United States Department, together with some of the investigators of the Ministry of the Interior and members of the Cuban scientific and medical expert group, released in the International Press Center the results of the Cuban investigation on the physical symptoms reported by the United States and Canadian governments. 

Fernández de Cossío asserted that from the very beginning Cuba offered its full cooperation  and took this matter extremely seriously.  He affirmed, "There is no evidence, theory, or science-based finding that could justify the continuous use in public of the term "attack" by the United States government, even though in official meetings they have acknowledged that there is no evidence of attacks." He described as concerning the fact that the United States government has decided to ignore the sound and repeated public questioning from the scientific community about the outspread theories about the acoustic attacks and unexplainable brain injuries.

The Director General also declared, "The cooperation that we have received from the United States government has been below our expectations for a matter of such importance." He also pointed out that the matter has been subject to great political manipulation by the United States government, making unfounded accusations that have been used as a pretext to take unjustified measures that threaten bilateral relations in many sectors, including the drawdown of the diplomatic staff, the expulsion of Cuban diplomats from the United States, the issuance of a travel warning, and the suspension of consular services in Havana. 

Fernandez de Cossio also spoke about the statements and threats of top officials such as National Security Advisor John Bolton, and described the way in which the matter has been manipulated by the United States government as deliberate and indecorous slander and recklessly dangerous. 

Lieutenant  Colonel  Roberto Hernández Caballero, from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Operations of the Ministry of the Interior, and Lieutenant  Colonel  José Alazo Rangel, MSc, from the Criminalistics Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, presented a summary of the evolution and conclusions of the thorough police investigation on the health incidents reported by the United States and Canada.

They explained the investigative actions, the measures adopted, the forensic analyses conducted, the information shared and the cooperation established with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the joint work carried out with the Cuban experts committee, and the main obstacles encountered. 

Cuban investigators concluded "no evidence has been found that could indicate the occurrence of the alleged acoustic incidents or any other action against American and Canadian diplomats." They asserted "the results of the technical and forensic analysis of the audio recordings submitted by the United States demonstrated that it is impossible for those audio samples to cause health problems."

Mitchell Valdés Sosa, PhD and Director of the Cuban Neuroscience Center, spoke about the analysis made by the Cuban experts and the steps taken by the medical and scientific team after the United States Embassy provided information to Cuba, the publications made by a medical team of the University of Pennsylvania, the report issued by the University of Miami, and the revision of the scientific critique of those publications, specially the critique of the article published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and other theories advanced during this period.   
He presented an analysis of the limitations of this study and revealed the main arguments put forward by several international experts to question its conclusions, as well as the scientific interpretation of the physical symptoms reported.  He also affirmed that there are so many different explanations for these symptoms that they can not be grouped together as symptoms of one single  disorder.

Valdés explained the reasons why the Cuban team concluded that the physical agents which allegedly caused the physical symptoms are not scientifically plausible under the circumstances in which the incidents took place.  
The renowned scientist offered the arguments that rule out the theories about the possible microwave, ultrasound, and infrasound effects, as well as the brain damage and inner ear theory, and underlined that the medical evidence submitted is seriously limited. 

Lastly he also shared the opinion of renowned American and European scientists that have questioned the scientific validity of these theories and claim their withdrawal unless new evidence is submitted.

This information was provided on March 13th to the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Havana.


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