Cuba present at the May Day celebration at Solidarity House in Barbados

Cuban Kiosk is open

Yesterday, May Day, the National Workers Union of Barbados summoned all the citizens of that country to celebrate that day of the workers, which has been held in Barbados for 70 years, in the Palace of Trade Unions: Solidarity House, its headquarters , organizing a day for the family. The Embassy of Cuba was represented by a kiosk assembled by diplomatic personnel and Cuban sports coaches. The representatives of the Association of Cuban Residents ¨Martires de Barbados¨ also actively participated.

Along with the Cubans, a considerable number of companies, organizations, entities and civil society organizations were invited to participate with allegorical and representative kiosks of their activity. The other Latin American embassies accredited in Barbados (Argentina and Venezuela) were also invited to represent their countries, their workers, their culture and their society with stands that were located in the Main Hall of Solidarity House. In this photo, the Ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela y Argentina, in that order (left to right) Sergio de Jesús Jorge Pastrana, Álvaro Sanchez Cordero and Gustavo Rodríguez Pandiani, respectively, listening to speeches by Secretary General of the Barbados Workers Union and the Prime Minister of Barbados.

The area of ​​Cuba showed a screen that reflected the May Day parades in Havana, its cultural and sporting achievements, its music, its nature and the landscapes of its tourist and recreational centers. Samples of the traditional Cuban food were offered (snacks of roast pork, empanadillas, caldosa, sweet corn with coconut) and in the afternoon a tasting of the traditional Cuban mojito was offered, while Venezuela offered Ron Santa Teresa and the Argentine kiosk offered a tasting of its renowned wines.

With the music of the traditional Guajira Guantanamera we received at the Cuba kiosk the visit of the Prime Minister Mia Amor Motley and several of her ministers, led to the stand of Cuba by Senator Toni Moore, General Secretary of the Union of Workers of Barbados. We were also visited by Akanni McDowall, General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, another large trade union center in the country.

From the hours of the morning until the closing of the activity in the afternoon, the kiosk of Cuba kept the attention of the diverse public, from the elderly to children, who came to know the country, enjoy their typical dishes, and thank the presence of Cuba in this activity, which was widely reflected on the different media of Barbados.


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