Cuba present at the Cultural Summit of Abu Dhabi 2019

The Executive Deputy Director of the National Ballet of Cuba, Redento Morejón, presided over the Cuban delegation at the Cultural Summit that was held in Abu Dhabi between April 7 and 11, 2019, which brought together more than 450 participants from 90 countries.

The representatives of the arts, heritage, the media, museums, public policies and technology, debated in seminars and panels to identify those formulas in which culture can build bridges and promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

The active participation of Deputy Director Redento in the broad program of events and the meetings and exchanges that also held the head of the diplomatic mission, Jorge León Cruz, with the organizers and participants of the Cultural Summit, contributed to a greater knowledge of Caribbean culture in general and the largest Caribbean island in particular.

In addition, in parallel to the event, it was possible to specify possibilities that open broad perspectives for the hiring and presentations of the prestigious company of the National Ballet of Cuba in Abu Dhabi.

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