Statement from the José Martí Cultural Association - Solidarity with Cuba- Greece
Perhaps one of the last actions of the US administration of Donald Trump is to include Cuba again in the US list of countries sponsors of terrorism, without any legitimacy or substantial or moral evidence, a unilateral list that includes sovereign and independent states. Furthermore, this list certainly does not include "terrorist states" that are strategic allies of the United States, such as Israel. In this sense, the American list is rather the opposite of what it claims.
Cuba was included in this list since 1982, when it was only eliminated in 2015 by the Obama administration. Foreign Minister Pompeo made special reference to the support that Cuba offers to the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro, which he is trying to overthrow.
The Ministry of Foreign Relations of Cuba affirms in a statement 11-1-2021: “Cuba is a state victim of terrorism and our population has suffered it firsthand, at the price of 3 478 fatalities and 2 099 people with disabilities, for acts committed by the government of the United States or perpetrated and sponsored from the territory of that country with the tolerance of official authorities. We Cubans despise with contempt any maneuver aimed at manipulating such a sensitive issue, for gross purposes of political opportunism”.
Therefore, it is absolutely fraudulent and hypocritical that Cuba be reincorporated to this list, and it is clear to everyone that it serves the internal contradictions of the US political system, in the face of the new presidential mandate, and comes to seal the escalation of the economic war that during recent years, Cuba has faced, raising new obstacles to ending the blockade.
The only one that feels terrified by Cuba is imperialism, the true terrorist on the planet, for whom Cuban doctors are the greatest terrorists, because they show the world - which is suffering from the pandemic - that there is another perception that has at its epicenter being human and not the economy.
The Cultural Association "José Martí" - Solidarity with Cuba, calls on every honest and progressive person to condemn in practice the new criminal-terrorist decision of the United States:

• Strengthen the permanent campaign to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States imposed on Cuba for 60 years.
• Join the #UnblockCuba campaign that is taking place now and will run until May 2021 in all European countries.
• Add your signature to the more than 2,000 that have been collected from Greece in the context of this campaign: HERE

We invite you to the annual virtual event of the Association on January 24, 2021 that will be broadcast through the homonymous pages on social networks:

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