Cuba in Iran

Tehran, September 1, 2020. The Cuba Cultural Center in the Islamic Republic of Iran, founded and directed by the Iran-Cuba Friendship Association since 2018 in the figure of its president, the Persian intellectual Hadi Khansari, is located in the city from Karaj, 42 kilometers from the capital: Tehran.

Khansari and his team have achieved the magic that, as soon as you enter its enclosure, you begin to feel the atmosphere of the Island. Each of its corners houses a vast collection of coffee, Cuban cigars of different brands, Cuban music and crafts, collections of smoking pipes and perfumes, and musical instruments.

This center initially covered 200 square meters. Today they aspire to occupy four floors.

Among its most important objectives are to increase the membership of the Iran-Cuba Friendship Association, and to carry out a permanent program of cultural activities, which gracefully mix the cultures and the most genuine values ​​of both nations.

The "Cuban Club" has an aerial photo gallery of 150 pieces, (1 * 1 m), from all angles of Cuba, which reflect landscapes, passages and personalities of the Revolution, art, sports, nature, the education, etc. It also has a collection of 70 pieces of analog and classic cameras, as well as a collection of 70 handcrafted pieces that reproduce classic cars that still roll in Cuba.

This picturesque place welcomes indoor and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy a Cuban garden with banana trees, Cuban tables and chairs, pop art and a variety of paintings from the Greater Antilles.

The center offers hot and refreshing drinks, dishes from different nations and a menu of Cuban cigars.

A work like the Cuba Cultural Center, made and conducted with so much love and effort, confirms the reason of President Miguel Diaz Canel when he asserted: "Culture unites peoples and is a common language that unites from feeling."

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