The Cuba-Canada Agricultural Forum was celebrated.

Ottawa, February 3, 2021.- A virtual Agri-Food Forum, organized by the Canada-Cuba Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCICC) and the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba, took place this morning, February 3.

Twenty-three Canadian companies participated, including 16 from the province of Quebec. On the Cuban side, the Agriculture Business Group, the Livestock Business Group, AZCUBA and GECOMEX presented the opportunities offered by their companies for the development of trade and investments in the agro-industrial-food sector and the new perspectives of work in the provision of services to the Forms of Non-State Management.

Empresa Nacional de Frutas Selectas, Cítricos Caribe, Agroindustrial Ceballos, La Estancia and Maquimport held bilateral meetings with Canadian businessmen interested in the Cuban market for agri-food products and inputs.

The forum was attended by representatives of the Canadian government, as well as the Ministries of International Relations, Food and Fisheries, and Economy of Quebec.

The Cuban side was represented by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment and ProCuba. The Cuban diplomatic mission was represented by Ambassador Josefina Vidal, Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Cristina Ramos and Consul General in Montreal, Mara Bilbao.

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