Cuba and Mongolia ratified willingness to expand relations in health.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. January 17, 2018. New Minister of Public Health of Mongolia, Mrs. D. Sarangerel, received today the Ambassador of Cuba Raúl Delgado Concepción in a work meeting that served to concretize the actions to be developed in this important sphere of relations between both countries. The Cuban Ambassador began the meeting by summarizing the work done during 2017 and the progress made in the process of registration and promotion of Cuban biotechnological products for the treatment of diabetes and hepatitis in Mongolia.

The Minister acknowledged the progress of Cuba in the health sector and the production of medicines, also thanked the selfless help of Cuban people and government to Mongolia in the training of young Mongols in careers of higher education, specifically referred to the young people trained in stomatology and medicine. The Cuban Ambassador, on his side, pointed out that 23 young Mongolian students are currently studying in Cuba, of whom about 21 do so in medicine.

During the meeting the main topics were the collaboration interests in health between both countries reflected in the Letter of Intent signed last year 2017 and its concretion in specific work programs that could benefit the Mongolian people in the treatment and control of diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis that today constitute serious health problems for this sister nation.

The Ambassador for his part also transferred to Minister D. Sarangerel the official invitation of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba to participate in the Health Convention, Cuba Salud 2018, to be held in Havana from April 23 to 27. (EmbaCuba Mongolia)

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