Condemnation of the blockade in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Tehran, March 4, 2018. With the presence of Mr. Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, Rector of the University of Tehran and the ambassadors of Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile and the Chargé d'Affaires of Bolivia,  began this morning the Cultural Week of Cuba in Iran, based in the Faculty of World Studies of the important house of Iranian high studies.
During the first day, which was also attended by Cubans living in Iran, an exhibition of posters was inaugurated that covers momentous moments of revolutionary Cuba in aspects of its cultural and political environment, and in which Iranian students offered Cuban coffee to attendees .
Before a hundred young people and their faculty that filled the hall of the faculty, the Ambassador of Cuba, Alexis Bandrich, gave the lecture entitled "The Foreign Policy of the Cuban Revolution", in which he addressed the origins and principles that govern it from the revolutionary triumph of 1959, the most significant advances in bilateral and multilateral relations, its vision on regional integration, the situation in the Middle East, peace and nuclear disarmament. Special attention was given to the update on Cuba - US relations and the detailed and strong condemnation of the blockade and imperialist subversion against the island for almost 60 years. A significant admiration among those present provoked the data on Cuba's international collaboration despite the US blockade.
With beautiful words towards the Cuban people, Rector Ahmadabadi thanked our diplomatic mission for the possibility of bringing Persian university students closer to the reality of the largest of the Antilles and advocated generalizing the experience in later years. At the end of his speech, the Ambassador of Cuba presented him with a signed silkscreen of the National Prize of Plastic Arts of Cuba 2017, Eduardo Roco (Choco).
At the end of the first day, the documentary Fidel es Fidel was screened, which enjoyed great acceptance by the young people who packed the room.
During the following days, the conferences "Achievements and Challenges of the Cuban Revolution" will be offered by the 1st Secretary Tania Causse and "Cuba, Country of Traditions" that will be given by the Third Secretary Peñalver Junior. Both conferences will be accompanied by documentaries on Cuba's cooperation in the world and the cultural development of the island.
Great expectations await the closing of the Cultural Week of Cuba in Iran, with the tasting of a sample of Cuban culinary dishes.