Commander in Chief ´s legacy in our 60-years friendship with Indonesia

Jakarta, August 13- This year, in which we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations with Indonesia, the legacy of our Commander in Chief with the nations defending Non-Alignment and the just causes of Independence of the Third World countries.

The First Head of State to visit our country, after the triumph of the Revolution and in a context of Cold War (May 13, 1960), was the Founding President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno. At the Havana airport, at that moment Cuban Prime Minister, Fidel Castro, welcomed him. During the historic visit and the sustained exchanges, the synergy and mutual admiration became visible, given the coincidence in their independence and anti-imperialist principles.

Sukarno, as a symbol of friendship, in addition to giving Fidel a Keris, a traditional Indonesian dagger (emblem of power and ethnic pride), awarded him with the two highest Indonesian distinctions: The Star of the Republic of Indonesia and the Star of Friendship of first class. 

"Mr. Sukarno, this country has its own determination to bring about change, we feel that we must be independent ... with the United States of America, we are increasingly on guard not to allow American missiles to attack us." – Fidel.

"Your Excellency Castro, a country must first to be independent. That is the greatest requirement of a Revolution." - Sukarno.

Since then and until today, both nations have maintained a solid friendship and cooperation, based on mutual respect and agreement on issues on the international agenda. 

Cuba recognizes Indonesia's role as a precursor of the Non-Aligned Movement and appreciates its firm and courageous position in rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against our country.

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia.

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