Children's drawing contest "Drawing on Cuba" launched on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Australia

Presentación del concurso diibujando a Cuba

Canberra, September 4, 2019.- The Cuban Embassy presented the children's drawing contest for sixth grade children at "Macgregor" northern primary school in Canberra as part of the activities carried out to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and Cuba.

In cooperation with the Education Directorate of the ACT government, the Cuban Embassy organized a small presentation about Cuba, its culture and traditions for the sixth grade students of the aforementioned elementary school who receive Spanish language classes once a week. During the exhibition, a representation of the students recite simple verses of José Martí in Spanish and English, which turned out to be a very positive way of exchange among all those present.

Children must present their drawings about Cuba before next October 21. All the works will be exhibited at the school and a diploma will be given for their participation in an activity that will be organized by the embassy together with the authorities of the Canberra capital government.

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